It’s not Spring until this little guy pokes his head through the dirt to bring in the sunshine. Lucky for us, the warmer start to winter this year brought on an earlier start to the Asparagus season too. Therefore, we’re calling it. Spring is here!

Initially, we will see Asparagus coming from places in the northern part of Victoria, such as Mildura. But when the season is really in full swing, the best Asparagus comes from the little Bass coast town of Koo Wee Rup.

We have been supplied by some of our Koo Wee Cup farmers for generations now, and the quality has never faltered. Super juicy, super sweet, and super tender.

Look for nice thick green stems. Check the base, it should not be hollowing out as this indicates staleness.

Simply bend the spears until they break. The Asparagus will always naturally break where it needs to to discard the slightly-woody base.

Boil, fry or BBQ asparagus. It is a crime to overcook it though. You can even pass the spears through a mandolin or food processor and eat them raw in a salad. Check our recipes for ideas…